Paint Sketches I

In March of 2006 I set off on an artistic voyage through Spain for six months, generously funded by a grant from the Art Students League of NY.  My intent was to travel through the lands where so many of our inspirations had done before and hopefully understand a little better why generations of painters before us had felt so inclined to leave their studios behind. I traveled from Madrid to Andalucia to Morocco and back to the north of Spain, all the while drawing and painting whatever grabbed my attention. It was an immense and overwhelming experience, and I lived it through our paint. In doing so, I learned that there are many things that cannot be learned in the studio, things that require a new and strange place to awaken all of our senses.

These are the first sketches I painted on the trip.


How do you paint the salty smell of the ocean, or a fresh breeze of mountain air? How can you depict sunlight that is too bright to even see?