Portrait Procedure and Pricing

Lucy (in the Conservatory Garden)
oil on linen, 16” x 20”, 2023.

        The process of creating a portrait involves more than simply capturing the physical features of the subject. It's a unique blend of the individual's appearance and their inner personality, which the artist tries to capture through their response to the subject.

        The initial step is to schedule a meeting with the client at their location. During this meeting, the artist gets to know the subject, familiarizing themselves with their gestures and mannerisms. The location where the portrait will hang is also evaluated, if possible, to determine factors such as the background, color, and key of the painting. The final contract, which defines the commission and price, is completed at this stage.

        The photo/sketch session that follows generally takes two to three hours, during which several sketches and many photos are taken with varying poses and lighting conditions. In addition to the sketches, these photos serve as reference material for the artist during the painting process, and no single photo is used to compose the final portrait. An initial payment is made at the end of the photo session, along with any travel expenses.

        After reviewing the photos and discussing with the client, the artist begins the preliminary sketch of the portrait. Once the client approves the sketch, the final painting is started. The artist retains all sketches, preliminary drawings, and paintings as their property.

        The final painting is usually completed within three months and reviewed by the client upon completion. The pricing for oil portraits varies depending on the size and complexity of the portrait. The smallest size, the Vignette, ranges from $580 to $900, while the largest size, the Full Length Figure, ranges from $9,500 to $15,000. For more detailed information, please contact the artist.